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A Happy Ending

Sometimes things work out in the end. You may remember that about a month or so ago I had a discouraging encounter with a pattern and a favorite skein of yarn. The pattern was coming out nicely, and the yarn … Continue reading

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Floofy On Parade

We had a girls’ weekend. The boys went to Maine, and we stayed back to man the fort. This is something different for us, but truly fun. The best part was hitting Boston for Saturday afternoon and evening. And the … Continue reading

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Baffled Again

On Saturday the Ladies Of The Knit were all together for a taping of our podcast. We had delicious red velvet cupcakes that Susan made, and iced coffee and new patterns and books to look at. It was fun. And … Continue reading

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Where I spent Hurricane Irene

This is where I spent Hurricane Irene: And, just in case I haven’t tempted you enough: Not too shabby, eh? It’s not everyone that gets to evacuate a log cabin in the woods by a beautiful lake because of tornado … Continue reading

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Dear John

Dear Friday, I am sorry to say that our time together must come to a close. Cam’s commitment to the Library on Friday afternoons has ended, and so, my sweet thing, our blissful tryst in the luscious, comfy chair is … Continue reading

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Face It

I am knitting the lovely Soay designed by Gudrun Johnson. It is exactly the sweater I crave right now. A little feminine, scoop necked, short sleeved cardigan that will work with almost every warmish weather thing I own. And I … Continue reading

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New Starts

Here’s the yoke of my Tea Leaves Cardigan. Susan V. inspired me on Friday and I cast on Saturday, just in time for a long wait at the Middle School where Nellie was busting Little Red in Into The Woods. … Continue reading

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I have scrumptious, squishy yarn all ready for a project I’ve been eyeing for two years. I’ve had this yarn for nearly a week, and the skeins aren’t even wound yet. This is very unusual; I never wait to rip … Continue reading

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For The Record

For the record: the knitting world does not do violent rhetoric. Think of the patterns I’m working on and the ones I’ve queued: Just Enough Ruffles, Butterfly Hat, Gnome Mittens, Owls,┬áBaby Kina. Or look at the projects my knitting buddies … Continue reading

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Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows

I saw this on the floor of the Guggenheim’s foyer on our recent visit. This is a provocative tenet. I think I’ll make it my mission for 2011. I will exercise the art I know.  I like the idea that … Continue reading

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