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Nothing to complain about

As you know, we in New England have nothing to complain about. No snow, no ice, no slush, no multiple days in the row of Yak Trax and chipping, or slogging and shoveling. The absence of snow is almost palpable. … Continue reading

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A small tragedy

Don’t worry, no tiny chickens get hurt in this post. It is only that I have lost a button. Is this really a tragedy? Well, yes. A small one. You see, I love this sweater. I wear it all the … Continue reading

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Indian Summer

We had the most glorious Columbus Day weekend. The weather was warm and dry and sunny. We went to Maine. We roamed the Fryeburg Fair. We hit the trail.And I wore my recently completed Soay. I love this sweater, and … Continue reading

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in a nutshell

This has been a busy few months. I have been over scheduled. Too much work, too many volunteer hours, lots of family adventures, but not quite enough time for thinking about knitting and knitterly things.┬áHere are some highlights, in a … Continue reading

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New Starts

Here’s the yoke of my Tea Leaves Cardigan. Susan V. inspired me on Friday and I cast on Saturday, just in time for a long wait at the Middle School where Nellie was busting Little Red in Into The Woods. … Continue reading

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The sun came out this week and so did the sweater. This sweater fits. It is comfy and a little whimsical. I like whimsical. I didn’t get any poofy action in the back, although I can’t tell you why not. … Continue reading

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  For years and years Mark and I spent our spring break in Puerto Rico with my dad and various and sundry other family members. We loved it. There is no better feeling than getting off a plane and feeling … Continue reading

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February Thaw

It’s positively balmy out, and the bobsled runs we call sidewalks are melting into mushy streams. I don’t think it’s quite picnic weather, but some of my neighbors think my table is set to go. All this warming action is … Continue reading

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Fondly On Friday

Dear Friday, I love you. Of course, everyone loves you, but I really love you more. I used to love you because Nellie had a half hour clarinet lesson at 4:00, and I could ┬áknit. That ended last fall when … Continue reading

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This is just to say that I will not spend precious time here complaining about the SNOW. I am so beyond that. Yes, the two way streets have become one way streets, and nobody knows which way. Yes, the mounds … Continue reading

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