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Plum Blossoms

Well, I had a plan. A plan to knit Christmas presents all year long. And I have already strayed. The second completed project has turned into Plum Blossom Mittens for me. As luck would have it I finished them on … Continue reading

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A Plan

For the last decade or so I’ve resolved to knit small gift items all year long and tuck them away for Christmas gifts. Some years this has been a resolution without any results. Some years I actually manage to stow … Continue reading

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From Our Neighborhood in 2011

Happy holidays from our neighborhood to yours. May they be full of fun, food, and fiber.  This is really the beginning of a new phase. Today we usher in a new knit season. The annual Post Gift Knitting Cast-on-athon. While … Continue reading

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Of course I couldn’t stop with one Big Snowy Owl. It was just too much fun. And these holidays are supposed to be fun, right? And besides, the first guy really looked like he could use a friend. But now … Continue reading

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Holiday Knitting: Take 2

I finished a practical present. I knew my oldest brother wouldn’t want a giant owl. He’s a fairly sensible sort, and if I gifted him with a Giant, Stuffed Owl, he would probably think I’d gone mad in a big … Continue reading

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Holiday Knitting: Take 1

This year I actually thought I wouldn’t do any crazy holiday knitting. I would do some purchasing and some marmalade making and some baking and call it a wrap. But I think that there is just something in my biological … Continue reading

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Talking Turkey

These are my neighbors. I call them the Bully Boys. These two pretty much stick together, terrorizing the neighborhood. I see kids swinging their backpacks at them on their way to school and grown ups throwing stones at them on … Continue reading

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Got It Good

I’m afraid I’ve come down with a bit of the dreaded Second Sockitis. It’s a bummer, especially since I’m usually such a monogamous knitter. I like to keep working and working on my little things until they are complete. Okay, … Continue reading

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I heard this quick interview with Christopher Tierney, the stuntman who fell during a performance Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, and I want to share. This man was seriously injured exercising the art he knows, and he can not wait … Continue reading

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Cam is a remarkable eleven years old today. And, speaking of magic, he did get his acceptance letter to Hogwarts. He is a curious tinkerer, a constant builder, an admirer of nature and lover of words. He allows himself to … Continue reading

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