Playing Around With Color

Last week, in the midst of Glum March, I was desperate for color, any color to break up the monotonous dreariness. This week my outlook has changed. Even before the spate of lovely, sunny weather in the unseasonable 70ºs arrived my mood had shifted. When I went for a walk in a snow flurry early Saturday morning, in my long down coat (with hat, scarf and mittens) I didn’t think, I am sick of this stinking weather and having to wear all these blasted layers. I thought, It won’t be long now. and I enjoyed myself. What caused this shift? I’m not sure. It might have been exercise. It might have been beer. But I think it was color.

I have been seriously dabbling in chromatic therapy. After I knit my tiny green leprechaun I dyed some yarn with koolaid.

After that, I baked my leprechaun trap cake. You must look at the lovely cake that Not Martha created to understand what I was after, but I had a blast destroying my kitchen for this ridiculous purpose.
My finished product was not as polished as Not Martha’s, but it did receive a satisfying amount of giggles from some curious diners. What was in this leprechaun trap cake anyway? Had I in fact trapped a leprechaun? Was there a rainbow inside?

Well, I guess that the part of the directions, where she tells you to flip the cake over, was lost on me. If you look carefully, and maybe upside down, you may see that there sort of was a little bit of a rainbow developing inside my cake. Not what I was hoping for, but …
If you look carefully, very carefully, you might see, on the right hand side, the red shadow of a leprechaun inside the cake, scooping out the pot of gold. Do you see it? Look a little closer. Now do you see it?

Chromatic therapy is very cool. If you’re feeling glum give it a try. Right now freezing drizzle is falling from the sky and I couldn’t care less. Not a problem, not a bother, not a mood wrecker in the least. I am knitting a new 22.5 Degree scarf in Hawaiian Punch Red (with strawberry lemonade highlights) and I am happy as a clam.
Oh, and here is one more reason to be happy:

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2 Responses to Playing Around With Color

  1. Ria says:

    I love dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid and cake dyes. I haven’t done any dyeing in the longest time, though. I really should make the effort to do it more often.

  2. Martha says:

    Sally, what a colorful sink! First thought “oh, no…”, when I saw the picture. Glad the mess was productive, fun and created a beautiful unique yarn. Cute cake too. And Miss N’s brace-less smile is lovely. Have a nice weekend.

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