teeny tiny

One of my favorite things about Vogue Knitting Live was Anna Hrachovec’s knitted epic war: Gnomes VS Snowmen. I’d never heard of this  warped, weird, and tiny world. And every bit of it is knit. Amazing. It made me giddy to look at all these cuddly creatures doing mean things to one another. 

I guess it comes as some consolation that even in mochimochiland there are issues that need to be resolved.

So, when Mark asked me on Saturday morning what I wanted to do after my long and crazy week, I said, “I want to knit a tiny chicken.” And he said, “Of course you do.” In a nice way. I didn’t do it immediately. First I cleaned the disaster area known as our home, and then I went cross-country skiing, and then, at beer o’clock, I sat by the fire and knit.
It made my day. This is a very precious tiny chicken. And I plan on making her lots and lots of friends.
It gives me great hope to know that there are people out there in the world creating strange stuff like this, and creating patterns for this strange stuff, and that lots of this strange stuff is knit.

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4 Responses to teeny tiny

  1. darciad says:

    Cute chicken! and even cuter picture!

  2. maryhelmreich says:

    Opi was crazy about eggs. He’d have love your chicken.
    Gave Rufus an emu egg for Christmas and have an ostrich egg on the fire place mantel.
    Love you blog.

  3. maryhelmreich says:

    Sorry, I tend to leave off last letters.

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