Plum Blossoms

Well, I had a plan. A plan to knit Christmas presents all year long. And I have already strayed. The second completed project has turned into
Plum Blossom Mittens for me.

As luck would have it I finished them on the way to NYC for Vogue Knitting Live with the Ladies Of The Knit. The weather took a sudden dip into the land of frigid temperatures. What could I do? There I am in Midtown Manhattan with only mitts and freezing fingers. I had to put them on. Would you have tucked them away? Really?

These are  super warm. They feel like thrummed mittens, probably because of the two strands of bulky weight yarn cushioning my hands. And the design is too clever. They have icord thumbs. I’d never heard of such a creation, and they work. Ha! Who thinks this stuff up? It’s a minor engineering miracle. And they are all mine.

More on VKL soon. I’ve got work to do!


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5 Responses to Plum Blossoms

  1. Lucy Rogers says:

    Lovely, just lovely!

  2. Martha says:

    I’d cheat too for these beautiful mittens…. Will you make another pair?

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