A Plan

For the last decade or so I’ve resolved to knit small gift items all year long and tuck them away for Christmas gifts. Some years this has been a resolution without any results. Some years I actually manage to stow a few things away in January, but then I  forget the gift knitting part until sometime in late November. And I always end up with a giant pile of yarn, and bunches of planned projects, around December 1st. And then the knitting lunacy begins.

So this year I have decided I need an actual plan. I resist plans for knitting because knitting is not obligatory. I don’t have to knit, I like to. It is my relaxing hobby. A creative outlet. An intriguing puzzle of stitches and techniques that keeps me involved and sometimes even warm. And I love getting inspired to cast on for something new.  I will be dutifully fulfilling a knitterly deadline when I get sidetracked by some new pattern that comes my way (Kris! Susan V.!) But this year I have a Strategy.

I have made a list. A Christmas knit list for next year. And instead of having ideas rolling around in my head, I’ve actually mapped out what will be knit, linked to tempting projects already in my queue, and fished around in my stash to match up these projects to yarn in hand. Wow.

I have not taken this the step further an organized person, intent on seeing their plan reach fruition, would take. I have not printed out these patterns, or tucked them away in zip-locked bags with the yarn. And I have not made the essential time-line that should be made in order to stay on target. And I am not married to these projects. If another cunning mitten pattern, or hat, or sock, demand to be knit up I will abandon the list and make the substitution.


So there you have it. A New Year’s Knitting Resolution for 2012. Gifts for many and lots of leeway for inspiration and me. I resolve to sort of resolve.

Here is next year’s Christmas folks. Already two and three quarters mittens completed. I have a plan, and I willing to stray.

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