Cam’s Household Hints #1

Happy New Year!

Here is something else that happened during the holidays: Cam turned twelve. That’s a big number. I’m not really prepared, but I guess I don’t have any choice but to supply food and ever larger clothing. Bummer.
He is turning into something of a domestic genius, so I thought I would post some of his tips here. This is a piece of advice he is handing out these days, and one that I have actually taken.
“If there is a room in your house that you think needs painting, match the color to your favorite T shirt. Here’s how it works. Take your mother to the hardware store while you are wearing the shirt. If she tries to pick a color a couple of shades lighter, tell her to stop wimping out. If you are going with pink, it might as well be a Manly Pink. Make sure it matches exactly.

After the room is painted it will look great. Of course it will, remember, you painted it the color of your favorite T shirt. You are going to love it. Trust me. And if other people get annoyed with you, you can put your shirt on and blend right into the walls. Perfect camouflage. (get it? Cam-ou-flage)”

So there you have it. Good advice from a newly minted twelve year old. I have to go now. I have some driving to do, some resolutions to make, and some risotto to stir. Then I get to cast on a new project, the first of 2012. I’m off.


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One Response to Cam’s Household Hints #1

  1. Martha says:

    Years ago I took a decorating class at a local community collage. The instructor said to use colors from your closet. Cam’s a smart man. And the color is lovely. Glad you listened to your domestic genius. He’s welcome at my house anytime. I have several rooms that need better color choices than linen white. A great story. Thanks for sharing.

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