From Our Neighborhood in 2011

Happy holidays from our neighborhood to yours. May they be full of fun, food, and fiber. 

This is really the beginning of a new phase. Today we usher in a new knit season. The annual Post Gift Knitting Cast-on-athon. While we were in the throws of all those late nights and stolen moments, what projects were you dreaming of? True, those unfinshished projects languishing in bags should be revisited, but this is also a good time to indulge in some purely fun stuff.


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3 Responses to From Our Neighborhood in 2011

  1. Martha says:

    Your neighbors are charming, Sally. Lucky you to have free knitwear models living close by. Is that a second TGV? Cute beret too. I’m contemplating my 2012 list of projects. Besides socks, I’d like to make a cabled sweater and an Icelandic shawl. And knit up some stash yarn. That’s the list for me. The list for others is another beast. Happy Holidays.

    • Sally says:

      I’ve been looking at some Icelandic shawl patterns and some Shetland lace patterns too. And the stash yarn is jumping out at me me every time I open my closet door.

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