Of course I couldn’t stop with one Big Snowy Owl. It was just too much fun. And these holidays are supposed to be fun, right?

And besides, the first guy really looked like he could use a friend.

But now look what happened.

They had a baby!  I guess ‘Tis the season. It must have been immaculate conception.

I hope I’ve gotten this monkey off my back, because I really need to get some practical gifts knit up. I feel a theme coming on  though. There is no telling where it may lead. Watch out. (Too bad there is so much else to actually do.)

In other news, we saw Peter Pan  last night. If you are in the Boston area, and you are looking for some fun entertainment you might consider this show. We loved the tent, the snug feeling inside the theatre, the set, the costumes, the flying, the adaptation of the novel, and especially the puppets. The puppets killed me because they were so low-tech and poetic. For example, the crocodile was made of coat hangers and was operated by boys in striped pajamas; it was very imaginative and joyful. The acting however, was sort of Children’s Theatre on Red Bull. If you are a lover of spectacle and live theatre, dance, and circus this could be just the show you’re looking for. My kids liked it too.


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One Response to Companions

  1. Lucy Rogers says:

    Love the Owl Family! Maybe they could be called “Immaculate Reception” if you put them in your front hallway?

    I went to live theatre last weekend myself. My friend, David, had his acting debut in Westbrook, Maine in a show called “The Wandering Beggar”. It was great, but probably more serious than Peter Pan.

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