Holiday Knitting: Take 2

I finished a practical present. I knew my oldest brother wouldn’t want a giant owl. He’s a fairly sensible sort, and if I gifted him with a Giant, Stuffed Owl, he would probably think I’d gone mad in a big bad way.

I wanted a simple, utilitarian watch cap, with a little something to keep me from getting bored in the completion. Yards of unbroken ribbing take me forever due to the “time to make the donuts” factor. If the knitting starts to seem like an odious task, it takes way longer to complete. This is an interesting fact. The simpler a knit, the slower it grows. There is nothing better than a little something to produce the “Ta Da” effect every four rows or so.

I really wanted to make him the Knotty But Nice hat. Actually, I’ve been tempted to knit it for a few years, but the men I knit for tend to think hats like that fall into the “flitty” category. They like steady-eddy warm and rugged; if it could be considered hip it is verboten.

So I cast on for The South End Knitter’s hat. I used to be a knitter in the South End, so I thought it was appropriate, plus it’s a free Ravelry download. This is a nifty watch cap, with a cabled brim and an interesting decrease at the top. This is my year of size struggles though. My first attempt was giant, so I started again, casting on for the smallest size. I also noted that several project pages complained about the hat being too short to properly cover the ears (not practical), so I compared the pattern to another I’ve used for Watch-Caps, and determined that the decreases should start at 9 inches.

Now, the hat is great, but really, a bit bigger than it should be. My hotty husband modeled it for me, and the fact is confirmed. It’s nice, but I probably should have started those decreases at 8 inches. I would frog it back, but it’s had a lovely soak, and it’s been blocked, and it’s had a stroll through the yard, so it is ready for wrapping.

Plus, I really need to get back to work on my special holiday knitting:
Did I say before that I love this pattern? I mean, really? This is one of those patterns that make me admire designers so. How do they figure these things out? It’s genius. The part that really kills me on this baby is the nose.You pick up stitches along the eyes (after you’ve sewn them on) and then work on two double pointed needles, up one side, down the other, back and forth, and then … you … graft the two sides together. Ta Da! Brilliant. Now, how did they figure that out?

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2 Responses to Holiday Knitting: Take 2

  1. sdobbertin says:

    Wow, what a nice hat. I’m scared of the cables, though! I just started knitting a few months ago.

    • Sally says:

      Give it a shot! Cables are really easy, and they do add a nice twist to your work. (pun not really intended, but allowed.) this pattern is straightforward. I would recommend it for a beginning cable project.

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