Holiday Knitting: Take 1

This year I actually thought I wouldn’t do any crazy holiday knitting. I would do some purchasing and some marmalade making and some baking and call it a wrap. But I think that there is just something in my biological clock that tells me Christmas is coming and it’s time to get into Santa’s workshop mode. And the part of my brain that controls reason, and the understanding of time, and how much time it takes to actually knit something goes into hibernation until perhaps Christmas Eve when it is time to either wrap up balls of yarn ( I have done this), or hit a store or two.

This is all to say that yes, I am doing some crazy Holiday Knitting, and yes, I did go to WEBS and make a large purchase of yarn for that purpose, and yes, I have begun some crazy projects. And yes, I know that people that really do this Holiday Knitting stuff well have actually already finished their projects, but they are of an entirely  different class of knitter than me. I admire them, but I knit to my own drummer. A little off beat.

This year, however, I think holiday knitting has taken on a whole new meaning because the project I’ve taken on is so much fun and has made me laugh so much. I’ve laughed at the directions, and I’ve laughed at my children’s guesses about what it might possibly be. I am driving them mad. 
They have both begged me to tell them what it is. Probably because I am knitting something that has already been stuffed, and has been sitting in my lap like some strange cocoon. I keep telling them that it is Holiday Knitting, so Nellie guessed that it was an Easter Egg. An Easter egg? Really? She thinks I’m capable of knitting a giant gray Easter Egg? They must truly believe that I have entirely lost my mind.

Actually, I think it’s safe to tell you that it is not an Easter Egg. My kids never read this blog, so I will share with you a sneak peak:
Of course. It’s a Big Owl. Right at the top of everyone’s wish list, right? But, this baby is going to the top of my list of finished Holiday Projects of all time. It’s not as practical as slippers, but it is every bit as cute, and the knitting itself was a blast. It brings a whole new meaning to Holiday Knitting. The creation of this guy was a holiday in itself. A holiday from the stupid vest I’m knitting for my husband.

Have I mentioned that the vest is giving me a hard time? I did a proper gauge swatch. I did a lot of math to make my gauge and the pattern’s match, and then I cast on happily. Two skeins later the vest was huge, and I decided to take it off the needle and check the size on my husband. I was knitting him a bleeding kilt. A kilt? Really? Yes. Damn. My gauge had grown amazingly. I’ve dropped a needle size, done another proper gauge swatch, and a pile more of math. (I hate math). I’ve restarted the vest, the lovely vest he really needs, but I’ve got an attitude about the stupid thing and would rather knit giant, useless owls. I think I’ll cast on for another. They will be really fun to open on the big day.

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One Response to Holiday Knitting: Take 1

  1. Lucy Rogers says:

    Oh! This makes me laugh and laugh!
    I love the photo with Widdy.

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