A Happy Ending

Sometimes things work out in the end.

You may remember that about a month or so ago I had a discouraging encounter with a pattern and a favorite skein of yarn. The pattern was coming out nicely, and the yarn was knitting splendidly, until a nasty convergence happened and I ended up with the dreaded pooling.

Now, many people like pooling, and some friends thought I was crazy to riiiiip that sucker out, but I really loved that skein of yarn, and I wanted it to have an incarnation as something really great.

That’s when I discovered TGV on Ravelry. (I know I knit before Ravelry existed, but I can’t fathom how I ever managed.) The TGV is a crescent shaped shawl/shawlette that Susan Ashcroft designed, and named after the high speed train in France (Train Grande Vitesse). This is a clever name, as Susan points out, because TGV also stands for Tricot Grande Vitesse (high speed knitting). Susan also points out that the pattern works well with hand painted and self striping yarns. So, with some reservations, I cast on.

As I headed into the final ribbing section I noticed that the long repeats of color were pooling again. This time, however, I actually liked it. It stopped looking like nasty splats following even stripes, as the earlier project had, and looked to me like interesting polka dots of purple.
Of course, this could all be in my imagination. The first project pooled, and I hated the way it looked, and the second project pooled too, but after the point of no return. Plus, I really like the shape of the TGV. It’s getting chilly here in New England, and we haven’t turned on the heat. The TGV sits nicely around my shoulders. It just stays where I put it. And it really helps to keep me warm. I love it. So does Nellie.
And I’m sorry to say, girlfriend,  this one is mine.

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