Floofy On Parade

We had a girls’ weekend. The boys went to Maine, and we stayed back to man the fort. This is something different for us, but truly fun. The best part was hitting Boston for Saturday afternoon and evening. And the floofy skirt had its first outing.

We visited the Athenaeum, a magical place I would love to curl up in. We got yummy burritos. We did some window shopping. And some bargain hunting. And because I am the mother of a fifteen year old woman, some of this shopping involved sitting in a dressing room on a pink chaise lounge while she tried on a contraption I am not exactly comfortable with. In a moment of pure mother madness I pulled out my credit card to actually purchase the aforementioned thingy. As I gulped at this ludicrous expense on a dubious, counter feminist device, Nellie whispered that my mother was probably laughing, wherever she is now;  somehow this put the purchase into perspective, and I was able to giggle. At all three of us.

We stumbled on a movie set where there had been quite a dust up.We couldn’t get anywhere near the stars, but we had a lovely time poking around in the demolition. Then we went to the North End for cappuccino and cannoli, my favorite finale. This is the best shot of the day:
If I had tried to make this happen it never would have worked. It just shows: sometimes it’s best to just press the button.
The floofy is a hit. (It was even recognized and appreciated on the street by another knitter that was working on one of her own.) This one was made with one skein of Noro Aya, and several yummy tidbits from Hilltop Handspun. Nellie loves it. I think I will have to make one for me. Only, much longer.

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1 Response to Floofy On Parade

  1. Lucy Rogers says:

    Thanks for mentioning my yarn in your wonderful floofy blog. I am taking a little break from shows and fairs to catch up on replenishing inventory and fill some special orders. My next show will be in Augusta, Maine on November 12th and 13th.

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