Dear John

Dear Friday,

I am sorry to say that our time together must come to a close. Cam’s commitment to the Library on Friday afternoons has ended, and so, my sweet thing, our blissful tryst in the luscious, comfy chair is over.

there will always be a soft spot in my heart for you, but I must move on. Lately the car seat has been beckoning, hinting at long drives with needles in hand. The bench in the yard has winked my way, inviting me with visions of yarn lolling in the grass beneath, and ginger lemonade on the stool beside.

All things must end, I must move on, but my fond memories of you linger lightly. Perhaps next fall we could take up again?



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2 Responses to Dear John

  1. Sally says:

    I had a busy day yesterday, but I managed to knit in public at the Waltham Watch Co. Brew Pub. The light was dim, so I didn’t knit long, but I managed to knit in public, start an interesting conversation about what we did last year on WWKIP day, and slightly embarrass my children. Oh, SNAP.

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