in a nutshell

This has been a busy few months. I have been over scheduled. Too much work, too many volunteer hours, lots of family adventures, but not quite enough time for thinking about knitting and knitterly things. Here are some highlights, in a nutshell:

It has been a cold, dreary spring. I knit Nellie this Gaptastic cowl in March, and she wore it straight through April and even into May. We were too busy to get a  picture of her in it, but Kris and Lucy and I took a photographing textiles workshop with Franklin Habit, and I emerged with this. I’m working on my photo chops. Bear with me.

We got chased out of the Cabot Woods during our annual flashlight Easter Egg Hunt. Apparently the police don’t want us in there after dark. Nellie got some nice pictures of Rufus on Easter Afternoon though. It was the one warm day of the month.

We went to the Museum Of Fine Arts twice. The first time I was reacquainted with the artistry of The Saturday Evening Girls.

More on this later. Someday I hope to be articulate enough to share this story.

We went back to The Museum Of Fine Arts on Mothers’ Day. This time we saw Chihuly.

It was still freezing cold.

And now, my friends, we are truly out of the woods of winter. Yesterday we hit the beach in celebration.

And consternation. We found some of those filters from Hooksett N.H. that Susan V. found on  Cape Cod all the way down in Buzzard’s Bay.

But it was a wonderful day, and Nellie finally took a picture of the Tea Leaves cardigan.

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2 Responses to in a nutshell

  1. Lucy Rogers says:

    Hi Sally,
    Great wrap up of Spring happenings.
    I am knitting a baby sweater with the yarn made from Saturday Evening Girls inspired colors.
    Love, Lucy
    PS Check this out:

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