For years and years Mark and I spent our spring break in Puerto Rico with my dad and various and sundry other family members. We loved it. There is no better feeling than getting off a plane and feeling the warm, moist breeze hit your face, and seeing the barrage of color cascade around you. It was as though our bodies needed to drink it all in. One time, as we headed to our destination from the airport, two year old Cam said, “Here, nice. Our home, not nice.” and he was right. This is not a nice time to live in New England. As I write there is something falling out of the sky. I think it is some version of light slush. It is gray. Very gray.

For many reasons we will not be going to PR for a long time. Money, conflicting spring breaks, grief, anger, will be keeping us close to home for the foreseeable future. And did I mention money? Oh yeah, those tropical vacations are a bit of a stretch. We are all gloomy, but working valiantly towards finding remedies to Marchstinksitis. Here are some:

1. Eating barbecue

2. Using coconut moisturizer and pretending it’s sun tan lotion

3. Sleeping late and hoping for good weather.

4. Going for long walks in search of migrating birds.

But the best remedy for me is this:

It’s the Baby Kina (rav link) made from Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Circus Dancer and every stitch felt like a sip of the Caribbean. These colors are so San Juan; exactly what my eyes are craving, like a vitamin deficiency, I need the energy of these hues. And the sweater is sweet. And it’s for a Baby. as EZ said, “Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.” I am knitting my way  through grief and the doldrums at the same time. This project has given me some giddy hope. The stuff that is falling out of the sky right now? Not so much.

There are some good things about not going to PR: no depleted bank account, no sunburns, no missed school work, and no RE-ENTRY. It was always so hard to come back from paradise. And I have more cash to spend on yarn.

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One Response to Remedy

  1. Kris says:

    And now the sun is shining and it will be light until 7:00ish – yay!!!

    Wait five minutes etc. etc.

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