Spider-Man: Take #2

We returned to Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark last weekend and it was, as only a Bostonian can tell you, Wicked Awesome. We had a blast.  The spectacle sucked me in all over again, and I loved seeing how far the show has come since that scary night in December when Christopher Tierney fell. The score has come a long, long way. Reeve Carney and Jennifer Damiano sound truly wonderful together now, and the book has  evolved too, although there were a few  moments from the earlier version I missed. And I absolutely loved how they changed  the dive from the bridge this time around: clever, funny, and it makes a better story. I think there is still a way to go before the ending quite hits, but this show is a treat. Aside from the amazing visuals, choreography, and puppetry, the tone is such a relief. Peter Parker does not do sarcasm, and neither does this play. Thank you for that Julie Taymor. I’ve seen enough sarcasm and irony during the last decade to numb me to the core. I yearn for more productions that “Rise Above”.

After the show Nellie and I waited by the stage door for the autographs. Oh my goodness. These stars are so sweet. T.V. Carpio, Jennifer Damiano and Reeve (be still my fifteen year old heart) Carney all came out and patiently chatted and signed and looked into eyes. It was enough to thaw the frozen cockles of my heart, and make me feel like spring might actually be on its way.

Here are some more sweet things I saw in the window of Knitty City:

The Owls are done! I just need to find some eyes. Photos to come sometime soon.

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