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New Starts

Here’s the yoke of my Tea Leaves Cardigan. Susan V. inspired me on Friday and I cast on Saturday, just in time for a long wait at the Middle School where Nellie was busting Little Red in Into The Woods. … Continue reading

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News Flash

They don’t allow knitting needles in Jury duty. Not in the jury assembly room, not in the jury deliberation room, and certainly not in the courtroom. Complaining will get you nowhere. (Unless you want to be¬†foreman.) In Woburn, MA they … Continue reading

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The sun came out this week and so did the sweater. This sweater fits. It is comfy and a little whimsical. I like whimsical. I didn’t get any poofy action in the back, although I can’t tell you why not. … Continue reading

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  For years and years Mark and I spent our spring break in Puerto Rico with my dad and various and sundry other family members. We loved it. There is no better feeling than getting off a plane and feeling … Continue reading

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something little

This is what Cam said to me last night: “After I go to bed tonight, don’t wake me up until it’s spring.” And this is what he said when I woke him up this morning: “So,” nose poking out from … Continue reading

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Spider-Man: Take #2

We returned to Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark last weekend and it was, as only a Bostonian can tell you, Wicked Awesome. We had a blast. ¬†The spectacle sucked me in all over again, and I loved seeing how far … Continue reading

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