This is just to say that I will not spend precious time here complaining about the SNOW. I am so beyond that. Yes, the two way streets have become one way streets, and nobody knows which way. Yes, the mounds have made visibility pretty much impossible, unless you have a neck like a giraffe, and I don’t. Yes, the last batch of slush froze nice and hard, and now we have ice, inches deep, coating the sidewalks and driveways everywhere. This is what I’m going to tell you: I am going to look so buff (from snow and frozen slush removal) in my new Kate Davies’ Owls sweater.

And I am not going to waste time complaining about the fact that I had to rip out seven inches of the aforementioned sweater. Yesterday, while my knitting buddies were over,  I tried it on, everyone admired the nifty waist shaping in the back, and I was ready to roll. Kris even took a picture of how cool the shaping looked so I could admire it myself. But later, when I was dividing the front and back to begin the sleeves, I discovered that my stitch count was off. I traced it back to a missed increase, on one side of the double increases, on one row. How did that happen? Who cares, just frog it. Yes, it has set me back a day or two, but at this rate, I will be proudly sporting this sweater in May, so what the heck?

There is more slush and freezing in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow, and I will not complain. We have shovels. We have an ice chipper. We don’t have rock salt, because I went to four stores and they were all out, but I am okay. I’ve got nasty, fluorescent yellow YAKTRAX, and I’m not afraid to wear them.

I am good to go. I am positively, chip, chip, chipper.

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2 Responses to Chipper

  1. Susan Vose says:

    sorry to hear about ‘owls’…what a drag! really enjoyed your post- i so agree!

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