Snow Day

From our neighborhood yesterday:

It looked like Humpty wanted to jump.

Mark and I went for a ski in the Cabot Woods:

The snow was weighing down the trees.

Until we couldn’t go any farther.

I finished the butterfly hat, and Nellie took some interesting photos.

I like this pattern, and the hat covers the ears so nicely. The yarn is gorgeous. Hilltop Handspun alpaca/merino, in such pretty shades of plum and gray and green and cranberry. I might have to make some matching mitts.

And The Celtics romped all over the Kings. (I think we’re developing a bit of a thing for Luke Harangody.)

In all: best day ever.

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One Response to Snow Day

  1. Lucy says:

    Wow, what a lot of snow!
    Great job on the hat!

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