For The Record

For the record: the knitting world does not do violent rhetoric.

Think of the patterns I’m working on and the ones I’ve queued: Just Enough Ruffles, Butterfly Hat, Gnome Mittens, OwlsBaby Kina.

Or look at the projects my knitting buddies are taking on: Damson, Cedar leaf Shawlette,The Brattleboro Hat. Well okay, Kris did whip up a My Head Is Swirling hat, and maybe that’s a bit inflammatory. And perhaps some wicked words are uttered when rows and rows of earnest labor have to be ripped out due to honest mistakes; sometimes there is even stamping and F-bombs. But there are no targets, no crosshairs, no bull’s-eyes. Admittedly, some of us do bare arms, but most prefer long sleeves.  And the only reloading that is done is yarn added to the stash.

This is why I’m sticking with knitting.

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