Got It Good

I’m afraid I’ve come down with a bit of the dreaded

Second Sockitis. It’s a bummer, especially since I’m usually such a monogamous knitter. I like to keep working and working on my little things until they are complete. Okay, when I go on vacation I like to bring more than one project, something simple to work on in the car, and something different and challenging to get absorbed with during the long, quiet, relaxing stretches that vacations offer. But, in general, I am a Dance With The Guy That Brung Ya kind of a knitter.

I  think this stems from the time I knit my father some spectacular knicker socks for Christmas one year. I was in my senior year of college, and I knit the first one at the end of the summer. I followed Elizabeth Zimmermann‘s recipe from Knitting Without Tears, which was the only knitting book I owned. I made up a three color fair isle pattern, and man, was I proud of it. Then I went through a hellish semester, working ridiculous hours on my senior project, never sleeping or eating more than chocolate and coffee, and started the second sock after the crush was over. I finished the sock in the nick of time and dug out the first one: they were completely different sizes! Truly. I had charted the pattern, so that was the same, but the socks were not even close to the same size. Other knitters were sure I had used different sized needles, but that was impossible. I only owned one set of double pointed needles at the time.

Of course my dad, being the kind of a father that he was, kept them even though they were completely useless. One fit nicely, and the other looked like it had been knit for the Jolly Green Giant. And many, many years later, when it came time for him to distribute his woolen things, he gave them back to me. And I kept them. (!) I guess partly because they are good to have on hand as guest Christmas stockings, and partly as a warning: you better knit your socks consecutively, or your gauge could go tragically  awry.

I better get back to work on those socks. I don’t know what’s come over me.

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One Response to Got It Good

  1. Lucy says:

    Thanks for filling one of the special Christmas stockings for me!

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