I heard this quick interview with Christopher Tierney, the stuntman who fell during a performance Spider-Man Turn Off The Dark, and I want to share. This man was seriously injured exercising the art he knows, and he can not wait to return to his work, passion, joy. Frankly, I am tired of hearing all the swipes the catty Theatre world is throwing at this show. Doesn’t art have to break some boundaries? It is so heartening to hear him speak of his injuries and his work, and about the fact that dancers get injured All The Time. I wish him all the best, and hope fervently that he is back on stage when we return at the end of February. And from the way he is talking, I wouldn’t be surprised.

In my world, I have to report: I have been knitting without a safety harness!! (But I have been using a pattern, so as Elizabeth Zimmermann would say, I am only a Blind Follower.) I am binding off Just Enough Ruffles. After it has a lovely soak I’ll share it here. And next…? I saw this in the window of a dress shop in the village.
Doesn’t this look warm and snuggly? Wouldn’t it be nice made out of some bulky alpaca? And I even think it could be worn around the neck like some of the cowl/poncholettes I’ve seen in the Eileen Fischer store windows. And they would be quick to knit! Holiday gifts for next year! I’m set. Who’s got the pattern? Don’t tell me I have to fly without my safety harness!

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One Response to Update

  1. Lucy says:

    Thanks for the information about Christopher, the Spiderman dancer and actor who fell.
    I have been worried about him. He is so lucky he didn’t have a spinal cord injury!

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