Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows

I saw this on the floor of the Guggenheim’s foyer on our recent visit. This is a provocative tenet. I think I’ll make it my mission for 2011. I will exercise the art I know.  I like the idea that Art should be tended to daily. And I will: do it, practice it, work it, try it, bring it, scrap it, refine it, frog it, celebrate it, and give it away. And I will remember to see it, because that is the hard part. Sometimes the Art in my life is not obviously visible.

I’ve started Just Enough Ruffles, a sweet little shawlette, scarfy thing that has been in my queue for a long time.                                  
I like this project so far. The shaping has been interesting, but not so complicated that it can’t fly along during Celtics games or sitting in the Doctor’s office while an earring is extricated from the inside of my daughter’s earlobe. (What!?) The only draw back so far is the yarn. The color is lovely and versatile, but it just doesn’t feel special. I pounced on it with my friend Sue R. at the Fabric Place (God rest it’s soul in heavenly peace) closing sale. It’s Queensland collection DK, and the tag reads: 85%Merino Wool, 10% Silk, 5%Cashmere. Doesn’t that sound special? Maybe after a bath in some conditioner it will soften up, but right now, I’m not impressed. It makes me dream of Hilltop Handspun angora merino.

Happy New Year, people. In 2011 how will you exercise the Art that you know?


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3 Responses to Let Each Man Exercise The Art He Knows

    • Yes, perfectly fine. But the mishap was a bit bizarre. The ball on her post somehow slipped inside her earlobe during the night, and we couldn’t get it out. Have you ever heard of that happening? It was very dramatic.

  1. Susan Vose says:

    Sally, I am so , so loving your postings -so thoughtful and funny too! Can’t wait to see the hand dyed yarn book! Hope to see you this Sunday at my house!

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