Cam is a remarkable eleven years old today. And, speaking of magic, he did get his acceptance letter to Hogwarts.
He is a curious tinkerer, a constant builder, an admirer of nature and lover of words. He allows himself to be wowed.
He is zany and goofy, a good whistler, and a great friend. Here he is with his new hat. I finished it at 10:00 pm Christmas evening, so we agree, it did cross the finish line.

this is just a plain old watch cap, but he loves it. It covers his ears with two layers (great for sledding during a blizzard) and it has already done battle with some velcro on a parka in his best buddy’s dryer, only to come out nicely worn in and comfy. He might not be taking it off any time soon.

We will surely miss him when he enters Hogwarts next fall. And if you know of any eleven year olds that might need a letter, here’s a link.

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One Response to Eleven

  1. Lucy says:

    Happy Birthday to Cam!

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