Yesterday it was clear that Cam couldn’t go to school. All my complicated obligations and plans for the day had to be scrapped. And I was bummed. For about two minutes. And then we sat down on the couch. Of course I was knitting. Cam was doing Origami. People always ask me if my kids knit. And the answer is no, not yet. But I think his fascination with folding is related to my obsession with making things out of loops of string. I think there is some sort of geometrical genetic link. Either that, or we both just like the quiet concentration that comes from creating stuff. I love watching him examine diagrams, and I certainly relate to his groans when something goes wrong.

Cam was working from his favorite book, Michael LaFosses’ Advanced Origami. LaFosse is amazing. His creations are imaginative, puzzling, whimsical and beautiful. Cam had some success yesterday.And I made some good progress too. Here is my latest rendering of Christmas knitting to come:

By some knitting and some process of elimination my pile has shrunken to manageable proportions. A hat and a sock and a half. I think I can handle this. Remember, there are still a few Celtics games, and a long car ride between now and Christmas.

Oh, who knows, maybe I’ll have to add something to the pot. I was the lucky recipient of a gorgeous scarf at the holiday knitting gathering the other day. And Kris, who knit it, said it took only a couple hours. Perfect for the car.
Here’s the Ravelry link, in case I can tempt any other last minute knitters.

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2 Responses to Progress

  1. Lucy says:

    Tell Cam –Great Butterfly!
    I also like the little snow flakes falling down while I read your post.
    Love, Lucy

  2. ololoshkin says:

    good site google

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