Next Year

I took this photo several days ago. These are my holiday gift plans. Can’t you see them? There’s another pair of felted clogs, some practical, manly socks, two hats, (one fancy, one plain,) and a special, sexy cowl.

Years ago my husband and I shared a garden with his mum. Every year, around the middle of August, she and I would walk around the overgrown, weed filled garden and begin our chorus: “Next year…”. Next year we would weed more, water more, plant different varieties, trap the woodchuck (like there was only one!) and harvest more perfect vegetables and gorgeous flowers.

In reality, every year was different, and some years some things grew beautifully, and others wilted. Some varieties worked better, some flowers bloomed more, some strategies paid off, but we were always surrounded by many, many weeds in August, and we always began our chorus: “Next year…”.

Have you ever noticed how knitting is like gardening? Well, THIS year I don’t have a very abundant crop. I have tucked a few things away during the last months, but mostly I have a pair of slippers (unfelted) and the beginning of a sock. I have balled several skeins of yarn though, so perhaps there is still hope. Maybe I am like those remarkable men in green. Maybe I’ve been practicing my end of game moves for ages and ages and, just like Kevin Garnett who could never get it right in practice,  I’ll come through with game winning, last second , unbelievable heroics to produce gifts wrapped up on christmas morning!

I don’t think so. Knitting is not like basketball. But NEXT year… Next year I get to try all over again. Next year I will be SO much better at squirreling finished objects away. I am already starting a list. And I haven’t given up on this year. I may still produce those slippers, socks, and a hat or two. You never know. There are a lot of Celtics games between now and then. And a long car ride.

We’ll see.

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