I have big holiday knitting plans. I know I am not alone. I also know that it is okay to actually knit some of these items during the vacation, so that I can fit in a few hours of sleep before now and the big day.But that doesn’t mean I can’t at least whip myself into that wonderful Santa’s Workshop feeling right now. So much fun. So much late night couch time. So much Yarn.

And I’m working on a feat of ingenuity that I love. The past two years I’ve produced a couple pairs of the Felt Clogs from Fiber Trends, and I each time I’m staggered by how amazing the pattern is. How did Bev Galeskas create this pattern? I can’t even fathom how it could be done. I can imagine how to design a sweater, or a hat, and definitely think I can wrap my head around designing a scarf, but these clogs are works of wonder. How did she think up all those intricate wrap and turns and short rows and clever shaping tricks? And how did she figure out that something that knits up to look like this:
Could end up looking like this:
And how could she know that they would be perfect? And did she know they would not only fit, but they would become probably one of the favorite, favorite possessions of a ten year old boy?

I think about knitting engineers regularly when I’m knitting. Who are they? Are they origami artists? Architects? Mathematicians? Sculptors? I am so thankful for their brilliance. I was reminded of this on Friday night as I frogged the instep of the clog (I’d been distracted by Kevin Garnett, admiring another kind of brilliance.)I’m working on. Taking out my stitches showed me the intricacies of the pattern.

It’s such a treat to see this shaping actually work. I think that’s why I love knitting socks. Each time I turn a heel I think,”Wow. Who thought that up?”  I’ve read that the first knitted objects were socks. Amazing.  I love to think of people long, long, long, ago picking up their pointy sticks and figuring it all out: heels, insteps, toes.  And each time I have my little Ta Da moment when I bind off a sock, I feel a little tug of connection and admiration for the knitting engineers of yore.

And in other knitting news:

The better picture was taken by Nellie. The silly one is all me. I love this sweater.

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4 Responses to Brilliance

  1. Lucy says:

    Hi Sally,
    Love the photos of your new sweater.
    I just worked on my website a bit.
    Tell me what you think. Just tweeted also on Twitter.
    Love, Lucy

    • Wow! Lucy that’s amazing! I just finished posting the blog. Actually, I needed to edit it some, so you might have even been so quick as to get the unedited version. I like your new website picture. I’ll play around on your site tomorrow and give you more feedback then. Your yarn is beautiful. Love, Sally P.S. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting. It’s an odd feeling, putting myself out there like this.:)

  2. sue says:

    hey – wasn’t i involved in that sweater somehow? did you get the wool at fabric place?? it came out FABULOUS – i love it on you!

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