I have a wonderful family, and together we had a nearly perfect Thanksgiving Vacation. Here’s some of the highlights:

Thursday morning we picked up Cam at a sleepover reunion with his best buddies. Then we hopped onto Route 2 for a long drive west.

Over The River ...

When we landed in Williamstown we spread out in the best restaurant in the world. There is nothing more fun than taking over a restaurant kitchen with your extended family and friends. There are no pictures here, because we were too busy cooking butternut squash, oyster stuffing, potatoes, brussels sprouts, green beans with slivered almonds, creamed onions, and peas. I tried out a new sweet potato recipe from the Eating Well. It has meringue on top instead of marshmallow. The kids loved it, and so did I.

There are no pictures of the dinner because we were all starving and drooling, and could barely wait for We Gather Together to conclude before we started eating the way you only do once a year. And then we added in the pie course. Delicious. And there is almost nothing more fun than cleaning up a restaurant kitchen after such a happy feast.

Later the boy cousins played the trumpet and the girl cousins played Four is the Magic Number. Which, of course, it is. Carolyn worked on a very cool crocheted bag, and Lucy worked on a dreamy scarf, and I neared the elbow of the second sleeve on my February Lady sweater.

On Friday we moseyed through the Clark Art Institute revisiting all our favorite paintings. I spent a long time with this one:

I love this painting, and this clip, which I discovered on the Cast On website, is amazing. I’ve watched it over and over. I’ve posted it here because Lucy had to go home to get ready for a fair, and a little quiet Millet seems to be called for.

Friday night we were snug at home again, and Cam and I helped the sparky, gutsy boys in green shorts put the Raptors away. And I finished my February Lady! Victory for everyone. This was the best holiday ever. And the icing on the cake:
I whipped out this nifty headband Nellie found on Ravelry. She loves it. And she is so ready to ramp it up for the Holidays. Keep creating friends, now is a good time to be picking up the stitches.

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2 Responses to Thanksgiving

  1. Lucy says:

    That is great, Sally. Everything is so professional.
    The knitting painting video is wonderful, and headband looks great on Nellie.
    Thanks for the links to my yarn.
    I really need a better website!
    Love, Lucy

  2. Rue says:

    Thanks so much for your compliments on Larch! I can’t wait to see your version.

    And that Millet video was charming – thanks for sharing.

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