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My Grandmother was a wonderful knitter. My dad once told me that she had a special clamp she attached to her thigh that would hold her book so she could read and knit at the same time. Here she is with my grandfather on their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Last May my Aunt Jo gave my Uncle Dick a sweater Granny knit for Pop, a long, long, time ago. She says she has a picture of him wearing it while playing in the snow with her when she was a little girl. That could make this sweater nearly seventy years old. Here’s the sweater.
(Isn’t that gorgeous yarn? And I thought these variegated colors were so up to date.)

I intervened and brought the sweater home for several long baths and some darning. Then the other day my cousin arrived with another sweater from my aunt.

Granny must have knit this sweater for my dad in the 1940’s. After he shrunk it, he gave it to his sister who wore it for years and years. Here’s my dad circa 1943:

Now, my cousin mused that she thought it was interesting that my aunt didn’t give this sweater to Good Will a long time ago. But I completely understand. When someone lovingly knits you a sweater, loop by loop by loop, you don’t just throw it away. You retire it. And hopefully find someone who will admire and respect the work. Yes, this sweater has seen better days, but I am not giving up on it yet. I will soak it and block it, and if all else fails, felt it and dye it, and turn it into a useful bag for holding yarn. I cherish the knits from from my knitting foremother.

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