February Lady
See The Matching Reds?

I’ve been knitting along on my February lady. I love this project. It’s been in my queue for two years, and I’m  so happy I’m finally getting to it. Also, I love the February entry in Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. Especially her nap in the car when they went to watch the ski jumping competition. She just makes me smile. the color of this sweater fills me with nostalgia too. Omi (my MIL), my Aunt Nan, and my Dad all had special sweaters this color, and my Mom had a favorite wool dress. I’d been working on this project for a while, thinking fondly about all these other similarly red objects, when I looked down. My Aunt Nan made me a braided rug with wool scraps my family collected. There at my feet were the remnants of my mom’s dress, and I was right: The reds match perfectly.

I’ve had to rip this poor thing out a few times. First because I didn’t like the eyelet increase, then because I didn’t like the next increases I tried, then once more when I realized that the Gull Lace pattern really wasn’t working. My stitch count wasn’t right. How does this happen? You’d think I’d know how to count by now. Anyway, it’s knitting along just swell now.

And speaking of Elizabeth Zimmermann, I bought the latest Vogue Knitting the other day, because it had an article called Dining With Elizabeth. I thought it was going to describe a meal with E.Z., and I guess I was a tiny bit disappointed. It was about the E.Z. themed projects people were working on, not about the food. If you were to have a meal with E.Z., what would you serve? I know I would start with deviled eggs. After that … I think I’d need some help with menu planning.

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5 Responses to Nostalgia

  1. randompurls says:

    Sally, this is a wonderful post! Links are great too!

  2. Thanks, Susan. We’re off and running. Or knitting.

  3. Howard Samuels says:

    You mean you’re off and knitting, right?

  4. Kris says:

    Shepherd’s Pie? Welsh Rarebit? Icebox cookies?

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